We're proud to announce our expansion into CCK Pearl, a 36,000 square foot food production facility revitalizing the former Bornstein & Pearl Meat factory on Quincy Street in Dorchester.

We're looking for new entrepreneurs... Apply HERE!


CropCircle Kitchen is Boston's only shared use kitchen commissary and culinary business incubator. We took over operations from the former Nuestra Culinary Ventures and founded a new company in August 2009. We have re-invigorated the program and the space, currently supporting about 40 culinary entrepreneurs and their fledgling businesses. We provide technical support, training, oversight, and guidance through the early stages of a new food business. Our managers and directors have immense experience in the food industry from restaurants, to specialty food start-ups, to big-industry growing and processing enterprises. We have launched over 100 businesses since August 2009, and had our first crop of graduates in summer and fall of 2010.

Our Kitchen includes roughly 3000sq ft of cooking space with stoves; convection and conventional ovens; stand mixers (20, 30, and 40qt); 300sq ft each of cold and frozen storage; significant dry food and equipment storage; and access to specialty processing equipment. Please note: if you have your own specialty equipment, we may be able to accommodate you as space and specification allow. All equipment, space, and time can be rented, but only by our members or other companies who carry full health department, state, and federal certifications, as appropriate. Please request an application to become a member.

Our member companies include caterers, food trucks, and specialty food producers. We are near capacity for catering operations, but are always looking for specialty food producers!

CropCircle Kitchen has a deep commitment to sustainability, for the businesses, the environment, and the local economy. We are working diligently to become a zero-waste food facility.

Please click here for an application or further information!

North Side of CropCircle Kitchen